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The Sofia SARS (CoV-2) Test Kits and Sofia 2 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyser are used for the detection of the nucleocapsid protein antigen from SARS-CoV-2 in nasal swab specimens directly from individuals who are suspected of COVID- 19 by their healthcare provider within the first five days of the onset of symptoms.

Key Benefits of the Sofia SARS CoV-2 Test Kits:

  • Accurate, objective and automated results in 15 minutes
  • Nasal specimens
  • Accurate detection with direct samples Results in 15 minutes
  • Kit includes 25 sterile nasal swabs and a set of positive and negative control swabs
  • Room temperature storage

Key Benefits of the Sofia 2 Analyser:

  • Design: Small Bench Top Design
  • Technology: Advanced Fluorescence Detection with an Ultraviolet LED Energy Source
  • Higher Sensitivity: Quidel Sofia report near 100% specificity and 96.7% sensitivity for their test kits, they are also detecting the new Delta variant, and the high performance among antigen test kits has been confirmed by NSW Health Pathology.
  • Versatility: Analyser has value past pandemic times, it also tests staff for Flu A+B, RSV and Strep A
  • Easy to use: All consumables included and only 6 steps for the test
  • Workplace Flexibility: Two Modes Walk Away & Read Now
  • Capacity: 20+ Tests per analyser per hour.
  • Auditing and Data Management: bar code reader included (print bar code stickers of your staff for easy and professional testing), export data via LAN/Ethernet or USB.
  • Shelf life and Storage: 18 month shelf life, RT storage 15-30 Celsius

*The Sofia SARS Antigen FIA does not differentiate between SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2. The Sofia 2 Analyser & Sofia SARS Test kits must be performed or supervised by a health practitioner as per TGA Requirements (e.g. Nurses, GPs, Pharmacists). The SARS CoV-2 Test Kits cannot be supplied for the purpose of providing a testing service in a pharmacy or dental practice, nor can they be supplied to pharmacies for retail sale to consumers. (For More information visit https://www.tga.gov.au/qas-conditions-supply-rapid-antigen-tests)

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Quidel Sofia 2 Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyser Quidel Sofia SARS CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit (Pack of 25)
  • Desktop Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyser
  • SARS CoV2 (COVID), Flu A+B, RSV and Strep A Tests
  • Touch Screen
  • Walk Away & Read Now Modes
  • Up to 20+ Tests Per Hour
  • Ethernet/LAN/USB Connectivity
  • Barcode Reader Included For Batch/Patient Identification
  • Control Run & Automatic Analysis For Eliminating Interpretation Errors
  • Rechargeable Battery & Power Adapter Included
  • TGA Approved: ARTG 264233
  • SARS CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit
  • For COVID-19 Nasal Swab Testing
  • Results in 15 Minutes
  • High Sensitivity of 96.7% Positive Agreement to RT-PCT
  • 20 or More Tests Per Hour
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • Positive & Negative Controls Supplied With Test Kits
  • TGA Approved: ARTG 342390
  • *Contact Us As Bulk Discounts Apply