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Humon Hex Muscle Oxygen Sensor
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Humon Hex - Muscle Oxygen Sensor (Endurance, Interval & Threshold Training)

Humon Hex is the world's first clinically validated wearable that measures muscle oxygen levels. It is able to identify your body's limit in real time and prescribe the perfect pace & workout intensities.

Humon Hex is perfect for anyone looking to improve their endurance, enhance their training and test their threshold limits.

How it Works:
The Humon Hex uses near-infrared spectroscopy to measure the hemoglobin saturation in muscles (also referred to as SmO2). LEDs emit light into the tissue and detectors measure the intensity of light that propagates through the muscle. Since oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) and deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) have different absorption spectra in the near-infrared wavelength range, the SmO2 can be calculated.

The Humon Hex helps endurance athletes train smarter by monitoring the way their muscles are using oxygen in real-time and empowering them with the information they need to know when and how hard to push themselves.

Oxygen + Glucose = Energy + Lactic Acid (More Effort = Less Oxygen & More Lactate Acid Pushing To Your Limits).

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Training & Testing Protocols Included:
  • Workouts Included - Cycling, Running, Rowing & Other (For Strength & Different Muscle Testing).
  • Endurance Training - Optimise Workouts By Pushing Up To But Never Exceeding Your Limit (Push Up To Limit & Recover).
  • Interval Training - Score The Perfect Intervals By Pushing To You Max And Then Recovering Optimally (Push To Max, Recover & Repeat).
  • Lactate Threshold Test - Identify Your Body's Lactate Threshold Either Via The Cycle Or Treadmill Protocols Included.

Training Zone Feedback:
  • Green (Steady State) - When the Oxygen Delivery & Consumption in the muscle is balanced, meaning the athlete is training at a sustainable pace.
  • Orange (Approaching Limit) - When the muscles begins consuming more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning athlete is nearing their body's limit.
  • Red (Limit) - When the muscle is consuming significantly more oxygen than what is being delivered, meaning the athlete is training at unsustainable pace.
  • Blue (Recovery) - When the oxygen deliver is greater than the consumption in the muscle, meaning the athletes muscles are recovering.

Interval Workout Example:

Endurance Workout Example:

Technical Specs:

• 64MHz ARM processor
• Onboard memory - stores up to 64 hours of data
• Dual Radio Protocols - ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART/LE

• 12 hour battery life
• Qi wireless charging
• Charges in 1 hour

•Water-resistant: IP54 enclosure rating
•Built with medical-grade plastics: resistant to sunscreens and lotions
•Lightweight: weighs only 32 grams

App and Software
•Personalized, real-time feedback for performance improvement
•Receive audio and visual feedback on mobile app or Garmin watch (For Compatible Garmin Watches Visit https://apps.garmin.com/en-US/search?q=humon&devi..)
•Provides post-workout feedback to tailor your training regimine
•Mobile app available on iOS and Android
•Export your workout data in .GPX and .TCX file formats to import into Strava, Garmin Connect, and more

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