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Freelap Fx Swim Kit
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Our Price: $1,200.00 (ex GST)

Product Code: FLSWIMKT

Freelap Fx Swim Kit - Accurate Wireless Timing For Swimming

An Accurate, Compact & Innovative Professional Timing System for Swimming.

Freelap professional swimming timing system gives you complete, reliable and accurate live data on your performance. You are then able to establish a complete and objective analysis, and thus quickly improve your results. Completely automatic and wireless, it frees you from manual timing, and lets you focus on training. Ultra motivating for athletes, Freelap system is a powerful tool for progression. Made in Switzerland.

Freelap Fx Swim Kit Features:

  • Automatic timing of lap times and rest times.
  • Heart rate measurement.
  • Accuracy of 2/100 seconds and heart rate beat per beat.
  • Can be used by the coach (visualization of live data at the edge of the pool or later) or by the swimmer (using a connected watch and a headset to receive his data live throughout his training).
  • Ability to time several swimmers simultaneously (and track up to 4 swimmers live in full screen mode) .
  • Ability to add the distance of the pool to know the total swimming distance covered during the training.
  • Live results via MyFreelap app, and records for later consultation.
  • Chart containing both the lap times, rest times and heart rates (beat per beat), which lets you establish a quick, complete and objective analysis of the performance.
  • System designed for swimming, fully waterproof and chlorine resistant.
  • Convenient, compact and quick to install.

Freelap Fx Swim Kit Includes:

  • 1x Freelap Tx H20 Pro Transmitter: Completely wireless and automatic, this transmitter lets you obtain precisely your lap times and rest times. Times are sent as soon as the swimmer cross a transmitter. In a pool of 25m you can choose to get lap times over 50m by placing 1 transmitter only on the starting block (so you time the round trip). In a pool of 50m you can choose to get lap times over 50m by placing 2 transmitters (1 transmitter at each end of the swimmer’s lane length).
  • 1x Freelap Fx Swim Timing Chip: The FxSwim transponder lets you record and watch your time and heart rate live throughout training. Lap times and rest times: FxSwim detects Tx H2O Pro transmitter crossed by swimmers and then automatically and instantly transmits all timing data via bluetooth to your mobile device (via MyFreelap app – free download on App Store and Google Play Store). Heart rate: FxSwim receives all the heart rate data detected by your Swim Belt. The system records the data locally and transmits them automatically, instantly and continuously via bluetooth to your mobile device.
  • 1x Freelap Cardio Swim Belt: Thanks to its electrodes, this belt lets you measure all the beats of the swimmer’s heart during the training. Data is transmitted using low frequencies to the swimmer’s Fx Swim Timing Chip. The Swim Belt is used in association with the FxSwim transponder and the Swim Vest (Freelap swim vest that maintains perfectly your Swim Belt. This belt is supplied with 4 elastic bands of different sizes (XS-S-M-L) to ensure you an optimal comfort.
  • 1x Freelap Swim Vest: The Swim Vest is made to maintain your Swim Belt and your FxSwim (thanks to its small pocket placed at the nape of the swimmer’s neck) It is particularly convenient, comfortable and resistant (Nylon, Spandex, chlorine resistant, with flat seams). The Swim Vest is available in 4 sizes: XS, S, M and L.

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