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Check out our range of Balance Balls & Stability Domes. Balance Balls & Balance Pads are ideal for balance, stability & posture training.
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Air Cushion 35cm
Our Price: $25.00 (ex GST)
Balance Board 42cm
Our Price: $65.00 (ex GST)
  • Human Kinematics Sensor
  • Wearable Inertial System
  • 3D Gyroscope
  • 3D Accelerometer
  • 3D Magnetometer
  • Performance & Rehab Analysis
  • Power & Athletic Performance
  • Running Analysis
  • Muscle Strength Analysis
  • Joint Functionality & ROM
  • Posture Analysis
  • Stability & Balance
  • Gait Walking & Running Analysis
  • Jump Analysis
  • Works In Combination With OptoJump & OptoGait
  • Made in Italy
  • Air Cushion - Stability & Balance Trainer
  • Combines Advantages of Seating Wedge, Wobble Board & Gym Ball
  • Ideal for Balance, Stability & Posture Training
  • Mobilisaion of Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Strength & Flexibility of Back Muscles
  • Therapetutic Exerciser for Rehab/Sport Injury
  • Spiky Surface on Other Side Use For Massage/Acupressure
  • Balance Board
  • 42cm Length
  • Balance & Stability Trainer
  • Features an Adjustable Tilt Range
  • Moves in Any Plane
  • Effective tool for Balance Rraining, Rehabilitation and Exercise
  • Great for Strengthening Ankle, Thigh & Leg muscles.
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Balance Pad
Our Price: $65.00 (ex GST)
Balance Beam
Our Price: $140.00 (ex GST)
Stability Dome - Bosu Style Balance Ball
Our Price: $175.00 (ex GST)
  • Balance Pad
  • Balance & Stability
  • Co-ordination, Reaction & Mobility
  • 50cm x 41cm x 6cm
  • Ultra Soft Speciality Foam
  • Water & Dirt Resistance
  • Closed Cel Design
  • Robust & Hygienic
  • Balance Beam
  • Balance & Stability Trainer
  • Co-ordination, Reaction & Mobility
  • 160cm x 24cm x 6cm
  • High Quality Stability Dome
  • Bosu Style Balance Trainer
  • Solid Plate for Added Stability
  • Can be used as a Ball or Board
  • Weight Capacity of 300kg
  • Promotes Balance and Coordination
  • Latex Free
  • Skin & Environmentally Friendly
BOSU Balance Trainer Pro
BOSU Balance Trainer Pro
Our Price: $275.00 (ex GST)
A completely unique and multi-dimensional training device, the BOSU® PRO Balance Trainer allows the user to combine all the elements of fitness: cardiovascular, strength and flexibility in unique and highly effective combinations. Challenging and fun, BOSU® gives a whole new meaning to "moving with control."